Market Research Methods & Approaches

Market Research Methods & Approaches

At Aru Research Ltd we recognise that research is a means to an end and not an end in itself. On completion of all our projects we will put forward recommendations for action. We are able to do this because when designing your research program we will ensure that the research is both actionable and meaningful.

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Audience Market Research

Our approach to audience research strives to be as inclusive as possible, moving beyond more traditional definitions of, and approaches to, audience research to provide a more rounded picture of interactions across the full range of channels.

Consumer Market Research

We have substantial experience of conducting consumer market research for a number of private sector, public sector and voluntary organisations. We have conducted both qualitative and quantitative consumer market research across a wide range of markets and including a number of hard to reach consumer audiences.

Customer Insight Market Research

Customer insight market research is a key element with our offer. We have extensive experience in helping organisations understand their customers’ needs, measure satisfaction and identify priorities for improvement – all of which are closely linked to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, which affect the bottom line and repeat business.

Business 2 Business Market Research

Business market research company DJS Research Ltd has specialist expertise in carrying out research projects within business to business markets. We have extensive experience of helping companies in a variety of ways, and our reputation for quality extends to areas of branding, customer satisfication, pricing research, market  entry, etc

Needs Based Research Market Research

It has long been recognised that it costs less to retain existing customers than to attract new ones.  It would seem to be obvious that if you fully understand what customers want from you, and are then able to provide it, you cannot lose – customers will be happy, buy more and be profitable.

International Market Research

International market research is a field in which we are particularly experienced, having carried out insight projects on a global scale for both public and private sector organisations on almost every continent. Many of these projects have involved carrying out market research for companies looking towards international expansion, and have focused on understanding the business context and demand for a single international market, whilst others have been completed on behalf of major multi-nationals looking to ensure their workforce feels part of something international – market research can help understand the key barriers and enablers in both situations.

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